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The Vestibular System – Part 1

The Vestibular System, Critical To Your Health

Hi I’m KC Oliver and I’m here today to discuss a really cool part of the brain – the vestibular system. In this video and post, I will explain what it is, what it does for you, and what happens when the vestibular system starts to go south and becomes weak or dysfunctional. If it does become dysfunctional, we will discuss what that could mean to you and your health.

Major Roles and Functions

The major role of the vestibular system is to tell our brain where we are in space. It tells us if we are standing up, lying down, or leaning to the side. The vestibular system translates our interactions with our environment into a form understood by our brain. So if I turn my head in a certain direction, I know I’m turning in that direction because the vestibular inputs will tell my brain that I’m turning to the left or to the right or down or up.

Causes of Damage and Symptoms

Frequently in conditions like post concussion syndrome or other physically traumatic events, there were shearing forces inside the brain that affected the vestibular system. The resulting vestibular damage might cause a patient to feel dizzy, nauseous, have a really hard time reading, or they might experience some autonomic changes (feeling more anxious or nervous than normal). A malfunction of the vestibular system can have some very debilitating effects.

Treatment and Recovery

The brain receives a lot of important information from the vestibular system and it is important to note that there are treatments that help restore vestibular function. At The Neuro Clinic, we utilize a range of diagnostic tools to assess vestibular function and measure progress over time. With various forms of nervous system stimulation and natural supplementation, we have seen improvement in patients suffering from vestibular dysfunction. If you are experiencing dizziness, nausea, or anxiety, schedule an appointment and let us help you.

To learn more about your nervous system, visit our Educational Blog.

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