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Laurel or Yanny: Why You're Right

The whole internet is intrigued by this audio illusion and chances are, you are too. If you're like most people, you hear either "Laurel" or "Yanny" and can't imagine how anyone could hear it otherwise. We wanted to break it down for you and explain exactly what's happening. For those unfamiliar with this topic, there is a sound byte floating around the internet with a recording of someone saying what to some people sounds like the name "Laurel" and to others sounds like "Yanny". Countless polls and debates have sparked because of it, so we're going to put it to rest. To begin, the audio clip is ambiguous. In fact, if one were to look at the sound waves of the audio clip, they would look qui

Why Our Brains Love Being Outside

As doctors, we've stumbled upon several very cool principles about how the brain and body work. When we look at these principles as they

5 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

We've all heard hundreds of tricks and tips that are supposed to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better, so we wanted to boil it d

Callae's Journey to Full Health

She found shopping was overwhelming and crushed her. She couldn't have family over for dinner and many other daily struggles. One of the

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