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Callae's Journey to Full Health

If you haven't checked out Callae's testimonial, please click above! You'll be glad you did! She suffered from debilitating anxiety, and I am mean serious. She found shopping was overwhelming and crushed her. She couldn't have family over for dinner and many other daily struggles.

She also had a desire to change; she wanted to slay her dragons, overcome her anxiety and move past depression. What are your struggles? What are you doing to overcome them? All it takes is a desire and then action. If you send us an email, I promise to read every single one, and write an article based on your challenges.

One of the keys to helping Callae was a therapy called RPSS (repetitive peripheral sensory stimulation). This powerful therapy calms down your nerves. I use it whenever I am nauseous and it takes it away in a few minutes.

We're excited because this week we got a second RPSS unit. This is going to allow us to treat more people more efficiently!

-Dr. Oliver

Check these scholarly articles about the benefits of RPSS:

Somatosensory electrical stimulation improves skill acquisition, consolidation, and transfer by increasing sensorimotor activity and connectivity.

Increase in hand muscle strength of stroke patients after somatosensory stimulation

Enduring representational plasticity after somatosensory stimulation

Therapeutic mechanisms of vagus nerve stimulation

Or read more about RPSS on our Therapies Page

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