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Neuroplasticity: The Self-Healing Brain

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to morph, change, and heal. This is utilized in learning and after injury. Each neuron is connected to a number of different neurons through synapses. These synapses, or connections, are made weaker or stronger with experience. Much like our muscles, the more we use or activate a neuronal connection through our experiences, the stronger the synapse will be. Also, like muscles, new synapses can form which helps us to learn new things, and adapt to our environment. It also contributes to the process of healing. Neuroplasticity opens the door to healing. Even when certain neurons die, leaving the body inadequate or incapable of functioning properly in a ce

The Incredible Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is defined as the use of high pressure oxygen as a drug to treat disease. We all know we need oxygen to live, but it is not as well known that a higher concentration of it can help accelerate many healing processes, specifically accelerating injuries which were a result of oxygen deprivation. How it works The main idea behind why hyperbaric oxygen therapy is so useful is because of its ability to counteract the body’s inflammatory response, which is the main cause of the injuries which cause disability. Whatever the cause of the primary injury, whether it be decreased blood flow, trauma, toxins, decreased oxygen, the inflammatory response always follows. The inflamm

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