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What you're going

through is unique


But that's ok, because we're unique too.

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But there's always one thing in common:

Every patient deserves

personalized and comprehensive treatment designed to actually heal the root cause.

Kaleb shares his healing journey


Dr. Oliver is a modern day miracle worker! For over 15 years I have dealt with constant dizziness and vertigo everyday, all day. I have sought treatment and diagnosis in all areas of the traditional and holistic medical fields. With no success. After working with Dr. Oliver for 2 months I experienced for the first time constant and gradual improvement towards health. After 3 months I experienced my first day without being dizzy, then my first month and basically a full year. September of last year while mountain biking on a smoky day my dizziness returned. I spent the next 4 months doing the exercises Dr. Oliver had given me over a year prior with little to no success. Finally I got back into see him went through the testing and he gave me 4 new exercises to do at home. Within 2 days I experienced gradual health and 2 weeks later full health. This man will give you your life back.


I have a TBI from many years ago with chronic attending problems that I’ve learned to deal with over time. I also have a despicable’s a mess. Degenerative disc disease, arthritis, a couple little cysts, some stenosis, and I developed scoliosis in the last 10 years. Dr. K.C. has treated my problems with great insight and care. He’s given me instructions for proper exercise to keep what motion and function I have. “Motion is lotion.” I always move and feel better after I leave his office. He’s kept me stable in the best way. Because of his cutting edge skills and medical equipment he uses, I have recommended many people to come and receive his healing touch. In addition to brain and spinal issues, he has successfully treated people from different states and countries who come to him with serious conditions of: concussion, sports injuries, PTSD, anxiety, depression, autism, epilepsy, paralysis. Please don’t suffer in silence. Come and see Dr.KC!

Julie explains how The Neuro Clinic helped her heal


This is the 2nd time that I have been through this treatment due to a traumatic brain injury as a toddler and a total of 10 concussions. I can't rave enough about Dr Oliver and his entire staff. My treatment began with a different doctor at another clinic, but I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found Dr Oliver. His professional demeanor, knowledge in neurology and ability to make lasting changes have given me my life back. Literally everything in my life got better one I had done the excercises required for healing. Dr Oliver cares deeply about his patients and has purposely made this treatment very affordable compared to other clinics that charge way more.

Steve shares how our neurologist helped him recover from multiple concussions
Jayce shares his experience at The Neuro Clinic as an LGBT member


Dr. Oliver not only is smart, but is the most caring, kind, and compassionate doctor I have ever been to. I am glad that I met him when I did after my brain injury. Not only did he turn around my life from my accident, but he has helped my anxiety, depression, and bipolar from being the controlling factor in my life to now it doesn’t even effect me in any way. TMS is the best treatment out there. Dr. Oliver is also is amazing at his chiropractor work. He helps my back so much when it acts up. He also listens to me and has me do things to help me in my daily life. I can’t thank him enough for changing my life and I am so glad that I can now call him my friend. I have never had a doctor do what this man does for me. His heart is so big or bursts out of him. Now, his staff is AMAZING! Nick, Brenda, Clara, Don, Hayley, Covey, Matt, Lorie, and Bryson are all amazing and very helpful and kind. They take time to get to know you and make you feel at home. I will who say if you can. The salt room or halo therapy is a great relaxing and amazing treatment to do for fun or for therapy. I love coming in and I will recommend anyone to go in and see Dr Oliver and his staff.

"Staff was always incredibly nice to me and we usually laughed a lot during my treatments. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for long term relief and who believe in the type of work that they do."


What others are saying

We love our patients and we love our staff! Not only do we get to help our patients heal and recover, but we love the time we spend with them and the friendships we form.

"The anxiety and pain from the accident has been soooo much better! The people here are the kindest and most patient staff who genuinely care for your well being and health. Such a positive experience overall."


"Great staff! They put the needs of their patients first and foremost."


"They gave all of us exceptional care for all our different health needs. Dr. Oliver and all of the the staff are very kind and genuinely want to heal everyone and give them a better quality of life."

-Mother of a patient

"These doctors are some of the best in Utah. Not only are they extremely smart, but they are humble also. Very rare to see."


"An absolutely amazing team dedicated to your health and well being!"


"These are some of the best doctors in the state. They explain everything clearly and really get to the root of the problem. If you struggle with any neurologic issues or pain these are the doctors to see."


"Great staff and excellent service! Advanced technology in treating a multitude of ailments. Migraines, depression, back/neck pain, vertigo, you name it!"


"The treatments always have me walking away so relaxed and happy. I have hope for my autoimmune disease again."


"I've been in pain for 16+ years.  Been to many doctors including the Mayo Clinic, U of U with no help.  I started seeing Dr. Oliver 2 month's ago and have decreased my pain in that short period.  Can't wait to see where I'll be in 2 more month's.  What a blessing!"


"I haven't found another office that has this unique combination of help. My wife made major progress the same week she started the exercises and therapy. Dr Oliver has a very valuable passion for making sure he knows the very latest in his field."


Dr. Oliver was so accommodating! He is obviously highly trained and well educated. I can tell he loves what he does, and my body is thankful! I play rugby, and his work has really saved me this week! Thank you!


Dr. Oliver saved my daughter's life! No doubt about it.


After a car accident the first chiropractor I went to for 4 months couldn't resolve my shoulder issue. The Neuro Clinic had my shoulder issue resolved in 3 visits. They are great at getting the mind and body back in sync together. I highly recommend them.


Most caring and experienced doctors I know! They really take the time to get to the root cause of the problem. Extremely good at what they do!


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