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The Top Benefits of Alpha-Stim Therapy

What is Alpha-Stim?

Alpha-stim is specific form of cranial nerve stimulation that targets the eighth cranial nerve (vestibulocochlear) and the brain regions connected to it. It uses a very specific and controlled wave-form signal that includes several sub-signals combined together. This ensures that each connected brain region receives the signal in the "language" that it speaks. Cranial nerve VIII actually has innervations in the earlobe, making treatment very convenient - earlobe clips with small electrodes are worn during the treatment for hands-free, non-invasive intervention.

Diverse Treatment Benefits

Alpha-Stim is primarily used to treat diagnoses of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), major depressive disorder (MDD) and insomnia. However, independent of whether there is a formal diagnosis, Alpha-Stim decreases stress and anxiety levels, boosts mood and motivation, and helps reset the body's natural sleep cycle.

Because it works by lowering cortisol levels, increasing serotonin levels and recalibrating specific brain regions, Alpha-Stim can be implemented into a wide range of treatment plans to help supplement and support other treatments. For instance, individuals struggling with post-concussion syndrome often have dysregulated sleep patterns, and can even develop anxiety and depression due to the traumatic brain injury. Not only do these symptoms make life harder, but they also hinder the healing process. So by incorporating Alpha-Stim into a concussion treatment, it can both help with the symptom of the concussion, as well as help the body heal. The same applies to countless other neurological issues that are exacerbated by chronic high cortisol levels, irregular sleep, etc.

Balancing Effects

One of the reasons Alpha-Stim is able to simultaneously

treat both depression and anxiety (which usually require

very different treatments or medications) is because it has a regulatory and balancing effect. Often with mental illness, parts of the brain become unbalanced, with one area becoming hyperactive, while the other becomes hypoactive. Alpha-Stim treats both extremes by bringing both regions back to normal activity levels.

This also helps regulate sleep cycles. Often with insomnia, individuals are drowsy during the day and restless during the night. Alpha-Stim helps reset those regions to their proper firing patterns so that you can be drowsy at night and alert during the day.

Minimal and Limited Side Effects

Because the signal type matters more than the signal strength, stimulation levels don't need to be turned up to uncomfortable levels, with most patients barely even feeling the small amount of stimulation. Treatment is pain free! In the rare case of an adverse reaction, it's usually limited to a minor headache, usually due to turning the device up too high - any easy fix during the next treatment.

Easy to Use

Because the Alpha-Stim clips directly to one's earlobes, users are free to continue to doing other activities, whether that's simultaneously meet with the doctor, work on the computer, play with the kids, watch a movie, read, etc. The device itself is also very simple and easy to use,


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