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As functional neurologists, we investigate to find the true cause of your illness.

The Problem:

Dysfunctions of neural pathways and systems have a dramatic impact on health. These systems are responsible for movement, thought, learning, emotions, pain, digestions, organ function and more. When your brain is struggling, your life is way harder than it should be, and it ends up affecting every area of your health. 

Our Goal:

To restore function to your body’s command center, which has the most impact on optimizing health and increasing your quality of life.

Callae's Story

Transcranial Magnetic (TMS) Therapy


Now Available 

FDA-approved treatment for depression with over 70% response rate for both men and women.

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Many of our patients have seen 3 or more providers before they enter our clinic.

Some of them have even seen 7 or 8 other doctors without finding relief. While we can't fix every problem, we have great success reducing the symptoms for cases we are unable to fix. Schedule an appointment today and find out what we can do for you.

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En la clinica, algunos del personal y el doctor hablan español y nuestro sitio web también está disponible en español. Puede cambiar el idioma del sitio web con el botón en la parte superior derecha de la página. También puede llamarnos durante el horario comercial si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el tratamiento o para programar una cita. 


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