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Post-Viral Recovery Package

Maybe you're just feeling sluggish, out of breath, or haven't been able to get back to your same level of energy as before. You deserve to feel amazing, even after life has thrown a rough year at you and your family. 

Using the latest research, we put together a treatment package specifically designed to safely and efficiently help individuals fully recover from the effects of seasonal illnesses, even after they're no longer "sick".

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Still feeling residual symptoms even after you're no longer sick?

More than just "better". Feel AMAZING.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen

Reverse Hypoxia and Heal Damaged Tissue

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy includes exposure to concentrated oxygen above normal atmospheric pressure. This leads to increase blood-oxygen saturation, reducing effects of hypoxia associated with viral and bacterial infections, allowing affected tissues and nerves to heal. It also systemically reduces inflammation and helps recruit stem cells to damaged areas, such as the lungs or other organs affected by recent infections.


Cold Laser Therapy

Reduce Inflammation and Boost Cellular Function

Specific wavelengths of light in the near-infrared and infrared range increase ATP production in cells through cytochrome oxidase pathways, boosting cellular function on multiple levels. Depending on where the therapy is applied, cold laser can help heal tissue, improve circulation, boost immune response, reduce inflammation and speed up recovery times. 


Cranial Nerve Stimulation

Reduce Physiological Stress Response

Cranial nerve stimulation, specifically vagus nerve stimulation, not only regulates neural activity in key regions of the brain, but also turns on the parasympathetic nervous system, which puts the body back into a state of healing. Decreased cortisol levels boost immune response and prevent viruses from being reactivated through biological stress signals. 



Detox, Heal, and Boost Pulmonary Function

As aerosoled medical-grade sodium chloride enters the respiratory system, it kills pathogens, improves respiratory immune response, removes toxic bacterial and viral byproducts, and improves overall lung efficiency. These combined effects lead to elevated oxygen levels, reduced stress, improved respiratory function, and increased overall wellness.


Nutriceutical Protocol

Support Internal Immune Response and Pathogen Removal

This hand-selected supplement protocol boasts a multi-faceted approach not only to faster recovery but also prolonged wellness. A homeopathic viral detox helps the body break down, process, and expel harmful byproducts of infection. An herbal supplement containing quercetin and mangosteen extract decreases hyperactive histamine and inflammatory pathways. Vitamin D aids specialized white blood cells in important responses. And a powerful immune boosting formula provides the body with bio-available vitamin C and antioxidants to break down pathogens, and zinc to assist over 300 essential enzymes.

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Just as it's important to help your body fight off the cold or a bad case of the flu, it's also important to help your body fully recover from the effects of the illness. Often, the reason we feel sub-optimal during and after being sick, is because of the havoc these pathogens have left on our physiological systems, including bacterial and viral byproducts, altered hormone levels, such as cortisol, and damage to organ tissues. But with the proper support, your body can heal and you can feel like yourself again.

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Better Treatment. Better Price.

Pricing Options

Our Post-Viral Treatment package includes 6 therapeutic sessions spread across two weeks to optimize your body's physiological response. 

We offer two payment options to best fit your financial plans.

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