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What is BrainTap?

BrainTap is a highly-researched and refined form of neuro-entrainment. Neuro-entrainment refers to any form of stimuli design to shift, alter, and tune brain waves. BrainTap primarily uses refined binaural beats and isochronic tones to elicit these neuroplastic changes. T​he BrainTap headset boosts each session's effectiveness by adding a third form of brain entrainment: light therapy directed through the retinas and ear meridians. 

Our brains resonant in several different kinds of brain waves, depending on our state of mind. Neuron firing patterns and brain-region synchronization vary depending on whether we're focused on a task, relaxing, or asleep. When we're most alert and highly focused on a task, our brain is in Gamma wave state. When we're concentrated on accomplishing a task, our brain is in Beta wave state. When we're relaxed, such as when we close our eyes after sitting down on the couch, our brain is in alpha wave state. When we're even more relaxed, meditating, or starting to fall asleep, our brain is in Theta wave state. And when we're in deep sleep, our brain is in Delta wave state. 

Each wave state has a specific and important role in our day-to-day functions, but sometimes due to stress or our environment, our brain can either get our of sync, or it may even be in the wrong wave state. If you've ever had a full 8 hours of sleep, but tossed and turned and the woke up drowsy, it's likely that your brain, or even just part of your brain, never fully entered Delta state. Or if you've been distracted and tired at work, it's likely that part of your brain wasn't in Beta or Gamma state, and was stuck in Alpha or Theta. 

Through years of study and research, Dr. Patrick Porter and the BrainTap team have developed hundreds of specialized entrainment programs to help guide the brain into different states. After just a 20 minute session, BrainTap technology can help you achieve deep relaxation, refocus, or even prepare your mind to learn quicker. 

Because BrainTap can also help your brain shift to a meditative, open-minded, and relaxed state where the division between conscious and subconscious isn't as definitive, BrainTap can also be used therapeutically to help address various thought patterns and mental habits. Imagine if it wasn't a struggle to replace bad habits with good ones, or if it was suddenly easier to remain calm in stressful situations, or if you could learn new skills quickly! It may seem like a miracle technology, but in reality, your brain is the true miracle.


BrainTap just helps it reach its full potential.

BrainTap helps fix that. It helps resynchronize your brain waves, and then train them to switch to their proper state when needed. This leads to more energy and clarity during the day, and better, deeper rejuvenating sleep at night. 

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What Is BrainTap
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Use Code "BTPARTNER29" at Checkout
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