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The NeuroPerformance program helps you increase vision, quicken reflexes, think clearer, and beat out your competition

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What makes NeuroPerformance

so different?

When it comes to athletic performance, so many people are training even harder in their sport to get better, but they have never analyzed their brain function. The Neuro Clinic helps athletes understand where their brain and vision deficits are and takes them through a customized 6 week training program. . .

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What do unexpected injuries injury's and concussions cost you? Did we mention that athletes going through vision training alone have shown to reduce injuries, and reduce concussions by over 600%. What if you are able to nail a scholarship and get college tuition covered? Other clinics with similar training offered to professional athletes often charge $5000+ for a week intensive. We strive to keep to keep that cost at a minimum.

The standard cost for a 6-week program like ours sits around $9000. 

But because we've figure out how to do this efficiently, and because we want it to be available to all athletes. So after much discussion, we decided to set the cost of the initial exam and subsequent program at far less. 

The initial exam with the initial set of exercises falls for only $290 dollars, however we recommend you put aside about 2 hours for the full evaluation. In our opinion the initial visit alone is worth five times that. 


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