The Neuro Clinic - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Benefits of HBOT

  • Decreased Amount of Time Required For Healing
  • Reduction in Swelling
  • Reduction of Pain and Discomfort
  • Assists White Blood Cells In Fighting Infection
  • Increases The Formation of New Blood Vessels
  • Increases Collagen Production
  • Promotes Greater Tissue Strength.



HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is similar to diving underwater with an oxygen mask. This is why an HBOT treatment is often referred to as a dive. Your ears will pop as the pressure increases.

Your body's tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function. When tissue is injured, it requires even more oxygen to heal. The increased pressure inside the hyperbaric chambers forces oxygen into your blood plasma and increases the total amount of oxygen available for healing.  This helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing. Furthermore, HBOT provides your neurons the oxygen they need to maintain healthy function.

You should not schedule Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy if an of the following are true:

  • Mother expecting a child
  • If you have flown/will fly within 24 hours
  • Pneumothorax or any other lung pathology
  • Head cold
  • Optic Neuritis



Rebuilder Therapy at The Neuro Clinic


The Rebuilder stimulates the peripheral nerves. This activation returns the nerves to their normal firing. This signal emitted goes from one foot, up the leg to the nerve roots in your back, down the other leg, to the other foot. This also works and is used on the arms. The Rebuilder also carries a small muscle stimulus to enhance blood flow in the extremity by making use of the body's natural skeletal blood pump system.

The Neuro Clinic Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a form of energy that your cells use to function properly. The Cold Laser therapy can enhance the production of ATP. By increasing the efficiency of this response at a cellular level, Cold Laser therapy can be used to help patients absorb nutrients, excrete toxins, repair cell tissue and accelerate healing.

RPSS at The Neuro Clinic

RPSS (Repetitive Peripheral Somatosensory Stimulation)

RPSS uses low-dose electrical stimulation through peripheral nerves called “cranial nerves.” When these nerves are stimulated through RPSS they activate the parasympathetic system or “rest and digest.” By repetitively and intensely firing the parasympathetic system through these nerves, it then becomes the dominant system in use.

Force Plate

The Force Plate utilizes vibration as a form of therapy. Vibration therapy targets these sensors and can be utilized to provide sensory rehabilitation and create activation of specific pathways that have become dysfunctional. The Force Plate activates the cerebellum. Activating the cerebellum can help improve coordination, motor control, timing, spatial orientation, posture, motor learning, working memory, and mental rehearsal.