Neuro Auto-Associative


NAAP combined with human

needs behavior helps us permanently rewire our processes and perceptions so that we can eliminate suffering and replace it with joy and fulfillment, despite our environment


"I am now motivated to pursue my goals despite all I face."


- NAAP Client

LaMonte has combined the concepts of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the latest discoveries in neuroscience to create an effective model called NAAP (Neuro Auto-Associative Programming). This model empowers people, in only a few visits, to take control of the functions and biochemical balance through deeper understanding of their own neurology. It plays off of the natural reward system and teaches them to have an awareness of what is going on and clarity about trauma that ultimately empowers them to break patterns and take control. It is a reverse trauma. Their previously perceived trauma becomes their strength and power! He offers Intensive Sessions that last up to 8 hours and provides immediate changes in reasoning and thought processes even in damaged and/or chemically imbalanced brains. He also shares scientific research about how our current lifestyle and technology is affecting the functioning of the brain and why mental illness is increasing exponentially.

LaMonte uses these techniques on himself to become a successful entrepreneur of two successful businesses and founded non-profit that will use cutting edge technology to help millions. He has accomplished all this in only a few years! The NAAP model also allows him to offer group sessions with over 25 people in one intensive session. Twice a year he teaches a 6 day class on how to use NAAP to quickly and effectively help others.

LaMonte has combined efforts with Dr. Kenneth Oliver DC, DACNB who specializes in Functional Neurology and Brain Trauma to effectively help people overcome severe mental struggles at The Neuro Clinic in Lehi. LaMonte is also an original board member and co-founder of The Living Well Project. A non-profit organization with a vision to create “daily use” technology to counter the mental damage that current technology has created!

He is the founder of Fulfill Life Yourself, LLC. A mental health coaching organization with a vision to empower this generation to levels of mental success and healing that will change this world!

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Frequently asked questions

How can LaMonte help me?

NAAP combined with Human Needs behavior theory is a powerful remapping of the neuro-pathways so that you discover a way of processing that meets your innate needs internally. It changes your mental associations, which in turn creates an alternative response. When you aren't achieving or feeling the way you want in life it's beause you aren't seeing a viable alternative. You are feeling that there is no other options that make sense based off your life experiences and expectations. Your mind simply has not yet associated the right information that currently resides in your subconscious. LaMonte will help you connect those beliefs in a way that completely empowers you to overcome any life obstacle.

How does LaMonte's technique work?

LaMonte's technique involve noninvasive, medicine free processes, that helps you change your perceptions and associations of emotional problems. This modification changes the way you see your world and models the processes you use that work to help you achieve true fulfillment. LaMonte sifts through layers and layers of beliefs and perceptions to become aware of what neurological level and perceived fear is responsible for a locked behavioral pattern. LaMonte works on the principle that everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their own life. NLP techniques are used as a tool to facilitate these changes.

What can NAAP combined with Human Needs Behavior help with?

Any mental problem that changes with the environment indicates that the perception of the environment is the culprit, therefore, it can be changed. Do you want to change a behavior? If you are struggling mentally in any way, it is a mental program and you can be reprogrammed. If you haven't achieved something in your life that you truly want, this will remove the barriers in your mind.

Why does LaMonte combine Human Needs Behavior, Focused Agency, and NAAP?

Focused Agency assures that the reasoning used to make the new map is in the client's control in a way that their own agency is the controlling force not the external environment. This assures that as the person goes forward in life and the environment changes they won't return to the old pattern. It creates real and everlasting change.

How can NAAP have such an immediate impact when years of traditional therapy have left me struggling?

A total remap of that part of your brain eliminates the perception of the issue completely. It's not a way to cope or deal with a problem as traditionally addressed. It goes to the core perception so that it is no longer processed as a "problem". Your reasoning now sees things in a new light that doesn't lead to the fight or flight process. This, in turn, releases the old pattern and is replace by a new one that now, using new connections, makes much more sense and more importantly is in your control! Clients tell me as they leave how excited they are to face their life with this new perception! Later they comment how it seems everyone else has changed!

Do I have to hash over all my miserable experiences again?

No! It can be content free. That means LaMonte can be effective without knowing about the problem in great detail. Hence LaMonte need not be told about the event or even the issue, thereby ensuring privacy for the client. Only the current proccess needs be understood to change it, not the experience that created it.

How will I know if it will work for my specific issue?

Do you have triggers? If your issue fluctuates depending on your environment, or what others do, then it is activated by your brains perceptions. Often the triggers are an unrecognized part of our environment. Does this issue stay with you all the time? The fluctuation is the key to knowing that it can be changed and we can help. Here's a couple question that will help: If you won the lottery this second would you immediately feel better in that moment? If someone you love was suddenly in serious danger and you could save them would you pull yourself together? If you answered yes then smile really big because you are in for a treat! I look forward to meeting you soon.

LaMonte Wilcox

Neuro Auto-Associative Programming Specialist

  • Modified and developed a more effective version of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, calling it Neuro Auto-Associative Programming

  • Areas of extensive study: Neuro-Linquistic Programming,  Human Needs Theory, Positive Thought Patterns,  Mental Reprogramming,  Recreation Therapy (BYU Bachelors) ​

  • Father of six children. 

  • Believer in finding individualized true fulfillment as a healing tool for various life challenges.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming



means relating to the nervous system. Our neurological functioning is influenced by the information we take in through our senses. The more accurately we take in information:  the better we listen, the more observant we are, and the more open we are to our own and others’ feelings, the better information our brain has to make decisions and furthermore, to communicate more effectively (both consciously and unconsciously).


is about language. The more we understand and are aware of language – the words themselves, together with their structure, and the way they’re spoken (speed, voice tone, rhythm) – the more information we have when making decisions and communicating consciously and unconsciously. As soon as we put thoughts to words it changes the experience.


here refers to habits. We develop habits, some useful, some less useful. NLP teaches us how we can develop and encourage useful patterns that meet our needs in a way that is under our control, eliminating the need for the undesired pattern.

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