Neuro Auto-Associative


NAAP combined with human

needs behavior helps us permanently rewire our processes and perceptions so that we can eliminate suffering and replace it with joy and fulfillment, despite our environment


"I am now motivated to pursue my goals despite all I face."


- NAAP Client



LaMonte Wilcox

Neuro Auto-Associative Programming Specialist

  • Modified and developed a more effective version of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, calling it Neuro Auto-Associative Programming

  • Areas of extensive study: Neuro-Linquistic Programming,  Human Needs Theory, Positive Thought Patterns,  Mental Reprogramming,  Recreation Therapy (BYU Bachelors) ​

  • Father of six children. 

  • Believer in finding individualized true fulfillment as a healing tool for various life challenges.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming



means relating to the nervous system. Our neurological functioning is influenced by the information we take in through our senses. The more accurately we take in information:  the better we listen, the more observant we are, and the more open we are to our own and others’ feelings, the better information our brain has to make decisions and furthermore, to communicate more effectively (both consciously and unconsciously).


is about language. The more we understand and are aware of language – the words themselves, together with their structure, and the way they’re spoken (speed, voice tone, rhythm) – the more information we have when making decisions and communicating consciously and unconsciously. As soon as we put thoughts to words it changes the experience.


here refers to habits. We develop habits, some useful, some less useful. NLP teaches us how we can develop and encourage useful patterns that meet our needs in a way that is under our control, eliminating the need for the undesired pattern.

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